Monday, 17 May 2010

A Birthday Present For Anna

A Little Elephant For Anna

Anna has wanted me to make an elephant for her . So here she is , made in purple , her favourite colour at the moment. Made from long pile vintage fabric, she has pink glass eyes and a organza ribbon and little heart charm. Made espeicially for Anna on her 12th birthday ,17th May. Happy Birthday xxx

Monday, 10 May 2010

I've just added this photo of my ikle bitty bears. The teeny ones are a real pain to turn ! The little gold bear is in my own collection, as is the lavender grey one, I just could't let him go. The tiny red bear is owned by Anna, who still has'nt paid me for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing is they don't take up much space. Just don't let the cats see them !

My smallest bears

My smallest bears
These are my smallest and teeniest bears. The little gold bear is made from vintage rayon. The teey red and lavender grey are made from ultra suede. They all have jointed arms and legs.


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I have been making minitures for 10+ years now and have shown at Miniatura, Kensington Dollshouse festival and many more. I live in Cheshire, with my husband David and 15 year old daughter Anna and 2 cats called Izzie and Coci (both boys).Coci is mine and is black. I love all cats but especially black ones.I also love owls, as you can problably guess from some of my miniatures.I adore shabby chic style and love cupcakes and tea! I make a variety of miniature creations shabby chic, country kitchen themed and spooky little mini's. What I make depends on the mood I'm in! I love visiting old Tudor places(better still if they are said to be haunted!)Anna and I are very similar in our random ways, as we say who wants to be normal! She is my main inspiration in life. Love you loads xxx